Monday, April 16, 2018

March WIPocalypse check-in

Hello everyone!

March was a rather spotty stitchy month for me. After having 2 finishes in both January and February, my remaining projects are in that slogging part of the process. Too far into it so your momentum/excitement has fizzled but far enough from the end that you can't envision an FO on the horizen. Ugh. I guess this is why so many of these projects have not seen the light of day in years. I keep telling myself the more of these oldies I finish the more I can focus on all of my new stash that I have so carefull built up in the last year when I rediscovered my love of stitching.
I did work on 4 projects, about 1 week on each. I worked on my Winter Quaker from Rosewood Manor. I did 2 sections so the top third is done. This is my first Quaker design and I'm really enjoying.

Then I did a huge push on my Joan Elliott Winter Walk. I've been trying to stitch by rows on this one but I ended up following the colors down the dress so I probably did way more than my goal on this one.

Snow Family from Dimensions was up next. This one is getting frustrating because although I can see the end I've also been having big problems. At least 2 of my colors are missing, and since this kit is like 10 years old my threads are in a rats nest anyway. Then I switched to some mindless border work to at least get SOMETHING accomplished...only to realize that my borders weren't lining up! I almost cried and had a bonfire that night. Late at night I thought it was unsalvageable. Luckily, I looked at it again with a clearer head the next morning and I think I can make it work. But I still put it in time out for now.

Happily, my at work piece is making me happy. I'm doing an ink circles design Phlox Box from a Just Cross Stitch issue from a few years ago. I'm using a stash piece of linen and Colour and Cotton Festival as my colorway. Can I just say I didn't think I would like 1 color designs and now I feel like I want to stitch on nothing but!?
My next piece in my rotation was supposed to be my Angel of Cross Stitch, my oldest WIP. Like from the late 90s oldest. But I really wanted to keep my monthly FO mojo going, so I picked up another ornament out of my YOW and WIP rotation and pushed that out this weekend. It's super cute!
Now I'm starting my Angel. After 2 nights I've cleaned up my hanging threads and and trying to get into a groove. Long work days and a bout of the late winter crud is inhibiting me. I hope to finish this one in 2 sessions (this rotation slot and then my focus on a finish slot), but it's tough going. I think it's because there are SO many mistakes that I have to get creative with almost every area. Not to mention an ungodly amount of color changes.  OMG i used to think the was the sign of a "real stitcher" was complicated color changes. Now I certainly know better. Almost there though!

So our monthly prompt is to discuss a new discovery we've made. I adore Colour and Cotton! I feel like I got in on her fabric of the month club as one of her early members and I'm so happy I did!! Angela always creates beautiful shades on her fabric, and she makes SO much work for herself by creating a unique color for each fabric style for both her neutrals and brights line. I think it's 6 unique colors a month. She's always so kind to work with in customer service, and has patiently helped me out when I was unable to find something on her website. She even combines shipping with your FOTM with anything else you might order. Awesome! I haven't joined her thread of the month club, buy I'm severely tempted each month when I see her colors. Check her out for sure!

That's all for me now. I'm heading to work this Good Friday/Passover/regular TGIF but dreaming about tackling my Angel. Best wishes for the holiday if you celebrate, and I hope you have lots of stitchy hours until next time!



  1. Beautiful stitching on all of your projects!! I am especially loving the Winter Quakers one. So beautiful!

  2. Your WIPocalypse pieces are gorgeous. And YES to Colour & Cotton!!

  3. The Phlox piece is beautiful! Love your Joan Elliott’s too. As for the missing threads on the dimensions piece, google for a dmc conversion, I’ve used them before.

  4. Hello. Did you get the Winter Walk piece finished and can you post a photo of it? I have that kit and the fabric, like in your photo, is light blue, not the darker bluish-violet that's on the image that came with the kit.


March WIPocalypse check-in

Hello everyone! March was a rather spotty stitchy month for me. After having 2 finishes in both January and February, my remaining project...